About the Artist

Johanna Lindsay is a West Seattle artist who is inspired by the interplay of color, light and texture. While she works primarily with Czech glass, she enjoys the contrast of finishes, cuts and color of beads from around the world.

From her roots as a wire-worker, her work has evolved to include weaving geometric structures with a needle and thread that are meditations on connection and community.

For her most recent series, she has begun unrolling structures to form playful shapes reminiscent of swings and ladders.

Seeing a piece of jewelry find its perfect home and the joy it brings to the wearer is her favorite part of the process.


It's a wrap for our Holiday season - hope you and yours have a wonderful one!

Feel free to shop on-line or find select items at 2 locations in West Seattle:

INNER ALCHEMY on 35th Ave near SW Webster

HEALING TREE on California Avenue near SW Hanford

Happy New Year!

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